Restored in Tuscany


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Restored in Tuscany: A True Story of Facing Loss, Finding Beauty, and Living Forward in Hope

Writer Angela Correll is under a deadline to finish her second book, anxiously approaching her fiftieth birthday, and still reeling from a string of painful losses when she and her husband follow a dream and buy an ancient house inside a tiny Tuscan village. Angela soon realizes that her dream home needs more than a little TLC—this is a full-scale renovation that will stretch her patience (and budget) to the limit.

Follow Angela’s journey as she restores her home to its former glory and heals her heart in the process. Along the way, you’ll experience all the charm and romance of Tuscany—leisurely meals with new friends, interesting and loveable locals, exquisite art and architecture, and the beauty and splendor of the Mediterranean.

Book - Correll: Restored In Tuscany