Book - R: Karon: Patches of Godlight


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In Jan Karon's bestselling Mitford Years series, Father Tim Kavanagh is more than the local rector. He's a friend and counselor to nearly everyone in the village. 

For his own comfort and enjoyment, he turns to favorite books. When a particular passage strikes him, he jots it down in this "quote book." Filled with the wisdom of poets, humorists, clerics, and philosophers, from Christina Rossetti and St. Paul to C. S. Lewis and Thomas a Kempis, this volume is one of Father Tim's greatest treasures. 

For words that speak to your heart, and thinking that opens the windows of the soul, you too will cherish this personal handwritten book, with room to add your favorite sayings, poems, and prayers. 

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Book - Karon: Patches of Godlig